hanging out with people in love <3

The Photographer

Hiiiii, I'm Malorie Duhon! (I started my photography career pre-divorce so hence the last name White and It's too much work to change it back so we're keeping it) Okay now that we're all up to speed let's get into it. I am so freaking passionate about what I do. I love the feeling of seeing people in love and being able to capture that emotion on camera. I love taking small moments and turning them into something you can feel and hang up in your house. I've been doing wedding photography for three years now, but before I was a photographer, I was a wedding makeup artist, a repeat bridesmaid, and a bride so the transition into doing wedding photography was pretty seamless. To sum me up - I’m professionally unprofessional. I'm great at my job AND I have fun doing it . The feedback I receive from my clients is that I have a really good, positive energy and I’m easy to work with. Ultimately, my goals are to capture those authentic, organic moments with your loved ones and give you a great photography experience. <3

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